Tug of War: Fitness vs. Hair

Fitness, Hair and Health. How do they all relate? Well it depends on who you ask. As a professional cosmetologist with 20 years experience, I have spoken to thousands of women and many of them have experienced challenges with these topics at some point in their lives. However, in past years, women have become more proactive when it comes to their health. Therefore, for many, the battle between Fitness and Hair has decreased. On the other hand, many women continue to struggle with the mere thought of staying/getting fit and the effects it has on their HAIR!
It is a fact that in America it has become the norm to be overweight. With approximately 73% of Americans considered overweight speaks volumes about our lifestyles. We are so consumed with fast, convenient, and instant gratification that we have don’t have the patience to put in the time it takes to get amazing results! For instance, we can find the time to exercise but who has the time to “fuss” with their hair afterwards??? Or, what about those of us who say, “I just got my hair done” and refuses to participate in ANY cardio driven activities!
Mocha Millenium Women and I partnered to facilitate the very 1st Healthy Hair Healthy Body event! This innovative event had goals of crushing the myths about maintaining hair as you workout, maintaining a fit body while having beautiful hair, and getting women moving with a NightClub Cardio class. Women from around the Houston Metro area attended and were refreshed with a wealth of information. We will definitely have more events in the future in hopes of giving back to our community and changing lives!
To each reader, let this blog post be an encouragement to you. Here are a few tips to keeping your Hair and Body Healthy:

Healthy Hair Tips (Courtesy of Moi….Candace Walls owner of Sovereign Styles Hair Studio Houston, TX)


1. Keep hair and scalp clean! Clean hair and scalp create the healthiest atmosphere for your hair.
2. Use a great Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner! Design Essentials Honey Creme Super Moisturizing Detangling Shampoo and Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner are great choices for active lifestyles. If you prefer natural products Design Essentials Natural has an array of moisturizing products. Order Design Essentials online.
3. Minimize the use of heat styling! Heat physically alters our hair. Overheating leads to dryness, brittleness and breakage.
4. Loose ponytails, pinnups, twists and wraps help in protecting your hair from vigorous workouts! If you choose to cover your hair during workouts be sure to use a satin or silk head tie. Your cotton counterpart may absorb sweat however, it will also absorb the natural oils and moisture from your hair.
5. Visit a Professional Stylist regularly to maintain a Healthy Hair Status!

Health and Fitness Tips: (courtesy of Dr. Teriya Richmond founder of Mocha Millennium Women)


1. Get Moving!! American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. Walking counts!!
2. Drink water as often as possible.
3. Make healthy food choices! Try eating food in its purest form ie fruits, veggies, grains, and lean meats.
4. Manage your stress! Stress increases cortisol levels which increases your sugar levels and makes you hold on to belly fat! Pray, Meditate, do Yoga or even exercise to help relieve stress!
5. See your Doctor for routine physicals!!

We want to continue to destroy the myths surrounding exercising and hair care! Why not strive to have the best of BOTH worlds! #HealthyHairHealthyBody
Stay tuned for another PHENOMENAL Healthy Hair Healthy Body Event November 2014!!



Good Luck in reaching all of your goals toward a Healthy Hair and Healthy Body!
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Length Check



Cascading curls that drop and dangle from the towel after cleansing our hair is what most natural women/girls desire. Through experience, I’ve realize that for many this will forever be a lifelong fantasy. From the onset of the natural hair shift in the African American culture, just as we were with having relaxed long and silky hair, we were drawn to those curls that are loose with movement and smoothness. What a disappointment it was to realize that our tight, kinky, less than a curl of hair would be prone to shrinkage and frizz! Which leads me to the topic of Length!
Preferring long hair is perfectly fine, it’s when the thought consumes you that can be problematic. Listen, for all of you YouTubers 🙂 that flock to channels with our natural sisters with Big, Loopy, Bouncy curls, YOUR hair reacts to styling and products based on YOUR hair characteristics. For example, if your hair is 4a-c (any type of coil) it naturally has less movement and major shrinkage which makes your hair appear shorter. Regardless of which way it is stretched or manipulated, at some point it will return to its home…close to your scalp.
The most effective way to achieve real length is keep your curls moisturized and your ends healthy! Regardless of what products you use to make this happen, be sure to know HOW to use the products. I recommend to all curly girls & guys the Design Essentials Natural product line. Design Essentials
There’s something for everyone in this system & it’s now available at local Sally’s & select Walgreens.
Just remember, the more you stress out about the length of your hair, the more you risk losing it to STRESS! It’s great to have hair goals and I encourage the idea, however everyone will not attain the length of Tracey Ellis-Ross or CurlyNikki! By nature, each of our hair, curly or straight, is predisposed to how thick it is, how thin it is, & how long it can become. So, my strategy to all curly girls is to embrace what you DO have and let your goal be to simply have a HEALTHY head of Hair!
When Healthy Hair Matters……


Revealing Beauty

Love And Makeup In Kindness is a fitting acronym for LAMIK Beauty! These five words combined gives a clear picture of who Kim Roxie is and the basis on which she founded this company! I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim as a result of LAMIK’s sponsorship of CandaceWallsBeauty Natural Hair Mixer! Here’s what I discovered:)


LAMIK was founded in 2004 upon the notion that “beauty is revealed not applied”. “Acting beautiful is a result of feeling beautiful”, says Roxie. Her ultimate goal is to help bring out the inner beauty of the world! Throughout their 8 year reign they have definitely had an impact. There has been many products added to their makeup line over the years and they relish in being one of the first brands to eliminate Paraben , Fragrance & Talc! As we spoke, Kim was delighted to acknowledge that one of the mainstream Beauty Manufacturers won’t have these ingredients out of their products for another year or two. Sacrificing health for beauty is never an option for her company.

A huge accomplishment to date is the recent launch of LAMIK Beauty in Macy’s! They have products inside of select Macy’s stores and also can be ordered online at Macys.com. LAMIK has 3 locations, one in Houston, Louisiana & Atlanta. They also offer make up classes on location to their customers as well as professionals.
Although LAMIK is a part of a mainstream platform, they are determined to remain dedicated to the individual consumer needs. This Eco-Chic Makeup line definitely lives up to it’s name: Love And Makeup In Kindness= LAMIK!
For further information or to order LAMIK visit http://www.lamik-beauty.com

Kim and I at a Beauty Event in Houston, TX.

NATURALITY ;The Reality of Natural Hair

Anytime I hear a stylist say that they are not interested in how a client takes care of his/her hair at home, I eagerly want to educate more and more! Especially when it comes to natural hair. The natural hair shift has been so great we all, including Stylist, need to gain more education so that we can ultimately embrace this shift. This type of thinking is what lead me to organize the natural hair meetup entitled Naturality; The Reality of Natural Hair! This event was held on September 17, 2012 inside of Salon Park salonpark.com in Houston, Texas. It was a great event! We had live demonstrations, giveaways, testimonies, raffles, vendors, and light bites! Some of the hot topics were: transitioning options, natural styling options, and curly to straight hair styling techniques. The attendees were very pleased with the demonstrations and really enjoyed the show! Thanks to everyone in attendance and for those of you that could not make it we intend on continuing this education at least 3 to 4 times a year! So stay tuned to CandaceWallsBeauty for further details and dates! A special thanks to our vendors Design Essentials, who sponsored 25 beauty bags containing Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser and Design Essentials Natural Moisturizing Conditioner! Totally Together Hair Studio, Precise Beauty Salon & Supply, Shirron’s Sensations, Jessica Bellard, H&L Woods Distributors and LAMIK! A big thank you to all that were involved and helped to make this project a success! Check out some of the highlights!




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Back to school

Now that the first bell has rung and the house seems to be quiet, the REAL work has begun! As parents we look forward to back to school time, however when you really think about it this is the busiest time of the year. Think back to the last few week when we spent helpless hours in stores & online purchasing school supplies & uniforms and shoes! Oh don’t forget about the haircuts and hairdo’s. 😉 I’m certain all of my fellow Hairstylists out there are still soaking their hands and feet from the long hours and challenges that come along with working with children. Here are a few of the little Gems that I was honored to polish 😊




These beauties were very excited to soak up Sovereign Styles Hair Studio’s (Houston, TX) salon experience…..UNTIL I attempted to detangle their hair! lol Luckily I had my “handy dandy” HCO detangler & leave in conditioner by Design Essentials Salon System. We needed all of the help we could get…Thanks Guys for such kid friendly products from shampoos to finishing. Every child left the salon with smooth, shiny and soft hair!
Not only does hair and shopping take a toll on the caregivers but also ALL of the PAPERWORK that is involved that the children bring home during the 1st week of school. I’m not sure how many times I have filled out the SAME information for Emergency contacts on every form given. Doesn’t technology rule?!? Is there an app that can be used for adding this information that can be used District wide? Haaaahaaa Really though, all of this is making me reconsider the hype of Back To School. Things we have to look forward to, just to name a few, Homework, Football games, Basketball games, school plays, awards ceremonies, FUNDRAISERS, PTA meetings, Banquets, Homecoming festivities, field trips, did I say HOMEWORK, and literally having to drag them from bed.
All in all, this is just a small slice of the pie when it comes to parenting and I wouldn’t change it for the World! So enjoy EVERYTHING that comes with the kiddoes being Back In School even if it means you have to add 45 minutes to your travel time to work! 😉
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Natural Options


I love Texture! I just do! I think it’s beautiful, breathtaking and unique.  Surprise!…….I’m not alone!  Many men and women around the globe are embracing their natural curl patterns. Just as with any other shift in the beauty industry, the natural movement has led to many changes in how the average salon does business. A major change surrounds the fact that for a lot of newly naturals, once they begin to grow out their wavy/curly/coily hair, they are clueless to knowing how to manage the NEW curl pattern! This is when it becomes critical for them to have OPTIONS!

Coily, Tangled, Dull and proned to breakage

I am a huge advocate for “Do You” when it comes to natural styling as long as your keep your curls well hydrated, detangled and trimmed! For curlies who are having a rough time managing their curls or would like to gain more curl definition, a great product has been launched for their favor! Design Essentials has responded to the demand for smoother, stronger, elongated, frizz free curls. The Strengthening Therapy System is an Amino Acid based system that is designed to do just that! This is a professional system that must be done by a professionally trained stylist. There is something in the line of products for everyone.  Transitioning Mousse is designed for those who are completely natural but opt to wear their hair straightened most of the time and for those who are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Elongation Mousse is designed for those who like versatility in wearing their hair straight and curly at times. However, they want a little stretch to their curls or less frizz and more shine! The last OPTION is the Silkening Spray. This spray is simply used as a leave-in conditioner but gives great strength and shine to weakened, color-treated, and/or relaxed hair.

As you can see, regardless of the hair challenges, this system addresses them all! There has been a tremendous amount of positive feedback from users of this innovative system. They love the lasting effects (upto 12 weeks), the anti-reversion effects and the root to tip resilience!

As with any other option, this too is a choice! If you are perfectly fine with your curl pattern, frizz, or lack of shine, that’s great. However, for those of you who seem to be in the struggle of your life with your curls, then this may be an aide to you!

Smooth, Stronger, Shiny Strands! Design Essentials works on all textures and curls!

For more information about this system visit Designessentials.com or YouTube.com/candacewallsbeauty

Model –Jonnae A.

Stylist –Candace Walls   Sovereign Styles Hair Studio Houston TX 77035

Yours in BEAUTY,